This week the Retro Showdown crew welcomes Holden McNeely of Murderfist to the show and we have possibly the most fun we’ve ever had. We take to the topic of Saturday Night Live like ravenous pop culture addicts and slug it out on the topic of Late Night Sketch. Listen as we duke it out over who was better? Cast members of Saturday Night Live from the 80’s or 90’s?

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This week on Retro Showdown the fella’s welcome Christian Finnegan from VH1, Chappelle’s Show and his own podcast Audio Spackle to the show! We dive deep into POP music, what makes POP music and more importantly who did it better? The 80’s or the 90’s? You’ll definitely have an opinion on this episode so listen with a note pad and get ready to pick a side.

Deep Pockets about to lose his shit on this weeks episode.

Deep Pockets about to lose his shit on this weeks episode.

It’s the Halloween episode on RETRO SHOWDOWN and this week we welcome our producer Evan “Master of Film” Davis and Cave Comedy Radio’s own Horror aficionado Marcus Parks for a Halloween roundtable where we discuss who did scary movies better: the 80’s or the 90’s. So put on a diaper before listening, because this episode might scare the shit out of you.

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This episode took more turns than a one-eyed hooker. We start off with the very funny Sean Lynch who joined the gang as they dissect the quintessential differences between Heavy Metal in the 80’s and Grunge in the 90’s. Everything is going well… then BOOM we get taken to a new level of Awesome that sprinkles itself into this Retro Showdown debate.

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Episode 7 Extra: Super Mario Bros. movie trailer

Don’t break anything when you see this Papouli


It’s easy to pick your favorite films, but how about your least favorite? That’s the challenge the Retro Showdown gang face this week as they welcome the always hilarious Nore Davis to the Comedy Cave. Things get heated as we stand up for our own most hated movies and try to decide who made worse films? The 80’s? Or the 90’s?

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Episode 6 extra:

Here is the Nancy Cartwright Scientology pitch we reference on the show this week.

We answer the age old question. Which is better? THE SIMPSONS or SOUTH PARK? Mike Trainor from TruTV’s WORLD’S DUMBEST visits the show this week to weigh in on this very sensitive subject. Enemies were made, friendships destroyed but one thing is certain there is no middle ground when it comes to comparing these two titans of satire.

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Nobody was funnier than Bill Murray in the 80s. Nobody was funnier than Jim Carrey in the 90s. But whose heyday was better? Whose bottom was worse? Who was the better serious actor? Comedian Justin Murray joins the boys to hash out who rules the comedy movie universe!